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What We Sell
Since 2011
selling a variety of items both in our store and online
  1. Bring your items in
    Bring your items in
    Bring your items to the shop. Have anything appraised if need be. Leave your items on consignment in a comfortable way.
  2. Schedule an appointment
    Schedule an appointment
    Schedule a drop-off appointment. Take time to gather items and prepare them to be resold.
  3. Get a check in the mail
    Get a check in the mail
    Sit back while we handle the rest and collect a check in the mail.
The Ohioville Difference
Unlike the traditional resale shop, we provide consignment service both in our retail store and online.
With a teamwork style approach, we don't buy anything outright but exclusively do consignment. 
When you consign your items together we are simply trying to get the best possible return,
as opposed to buying at a price to make a profit. 
Full Service
We use software to appraise items and in many cases we can find the exact same item
and see what it has actually sold for in recent history. 
 We take the time to listen to your expectations and guide you with our research and expertise.
We aim to showcase all the different selling options for a particular item,
and get the best result for both our customers and consignors.
Our goal is to under promise and over deliver.